Connect with nature – whats so good about it

 Nature is good for us. There’s plenty of evidence that exposure to nature is good for our health, well-being and happiness. With green spaces even promoting positive feeling


Research shows that, simply put, nature has a positive effect as we become part of it. Mentally, it is easy to become disconnected from nature as most of the time we are not surrounded by natural things. When we’re feeling low there is nothing like going out for a walk to make us feel better, a phrase we often hear is “lets go out and brush away the cobwebs”

Sara looking relaxed at Orford Quay
Sara brushing away the cobwebs at Orford Quay -

Days throughout the year!

Every day we should notice something about nature whether it’s the song of a bird, how plants are flourishing or if you’re lucky enough to be by the coast to simply listen to the water. The rhythm of the sound has a calming effect for most of us.

In summer we have the freedom of wearing less clothes,  not having to wear heavy boots or shoes. we feel closer to nature.

For the winter months it’s about wrapping up well, go and find where the birds are they know the secrets, taking a walk, go for a hike in our forests or along the Ness at Orford .

minsmere bird hide constructed in 2011 its fit for purpose!
Minsmere bird hide -

By going outside we clear our heads and give ourselves an opportunity to take stock, reflect and chillax!


“A change of scenery may be just what the doctor ordered…”

If we can improve our memory, recuperate if we haven’t been feeling tip top and start to feel better about ourselves whats not to love?

Lets all make an effort to connect with our outdoor spaces, to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer.

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