Thinking of Taking Your Dog on Holiday?

Dogs on holiday

Holidays, can be a great opportunity for you and your dog to spend quality time together. You can both relax, enjoy long walks and enjoy a restful evening in a bar.

Before you go there are a few things you need to consider when planning to take you dogs on holiday.

Taking your dog out of the UK

We now have the Pet Travel Scheme (means your pet can move between EU countries without having to go in to quarantine) you no longer need to leave your dogs at home.

So before you book that Gite in France or the camp site in Italy, there are a few things you need to do, if going to France your dog must be over 12 weeks old and must be micro chipped, if you have done this you are ready to go – simply call into your local vet who will create a passport for your pet.

Pet Passport
Pet Passport

Whilst at the vets they will vaccinate your pet against rabies, and complete the medical history. Its worth remembering that although your vet can turn the passport around quickly, you will need to wait at least 21 days after the rabies vaccination has been given. So give your self plenty of time to get everything done.

Your dogs passport with be checked by the authorities in exactly the same way as they check yours. The only difference is that you will be asked to scan your dog with their scanner, to make sure that the chips correspond. The authorities take this super seriously so double check all of the details are correct – you dont want to spoil your holiday before it has started!

You will also need to treat your dog for tapeworms 24 hours to 5 days before you come back to the UK. This must be administered by a registered vet, so it would be worth finding one before you go.

For people with assistant dogs there are a few more routes you can travel and the rules change a little in that you can take your dog into the cabin of an aircraft.

If you are travelling by Euro Tunnel your dog is allowed to stay in the car with you – this is the Kennel Clubs favorite way to travel.

If travelling by ferry, check with the operator what the policies are, some insist the dog stays in the car, others allow dogs in the cabins and have exercise areas.

Rusty the Border Terrier on Holiday
Rusty the Border Terrier  – Dog on Holiday



Other things you need to consider:

Travel Insurance for your dog

Make sure you have an identification collar – with your CURRENT contact details

Be aware of the temperature of the Country you are going to, you pet will be used to the UK seasons. So extreme changes in the temperature either hot or cold could have an adverse effect.

Taking your dog on a holiday in the UK

One of the many benefits of staying in the UK is that you can pack your tooth brush, a few bits and bobs for your dog, and you are away!

You do however need to consider that where you are staying is dog friendly, and it would be worth asking what their pet policy is. Also what are the facilities they provide; enclosed garden, dog beds, towels, feeding bowls, details of local walks, dog friendly beaches, where the dog friendly pubs are, if there is an outside tap, etc.

Allow your dog plenty of time to settle into their new home, keep to your regular home routines including walks for toilet and bed times. This will help your dog settle in quickly, to they can start to enjoy the holiday too.

Remember the rest of the family may be super excited about their holiday, your dog will need lots of time to chill undisturbed! You may find other members of the family in this quiet space too.

Good Idea to have:


Essentials to pack:


  • Water – Travel Water Bottle
  • Canine First Aid Kit
  • Blankets
  • Lead
  • Collar
  • Identity tag – take a spare just in case and remember to add +44 in front of your phone number
  • Comfortable bed and bedding
  • Towels – for muddy moments
  • Sheets – if your dog is used to sitting on the sofa you can avoid the tell tale sign of hair!
  • Food – enough for the whole holiday
  • Chews and chew toys
  • Treats
  • Grooming equipment
  • Poo bags
  • Favourite toys
  • Hi Vis items for both you and your dog
  • Any medication your dog is taking
  • Their microchip details and the contact details for the database

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Doggy Tote Bag – for all of those little essentials like treats.

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Wishing you and your dog a happy holiday.

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    I don’t have a dog but wow isn’t there a lot to think about? At least if we get one I’ll know now to ask the questions.

  2. Karey Martin says:

    I had no idea there were so many things to think about when traveling with your dog. And I’ve never heard of travel insurance for a pet :) Thanks for all the great info

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    Always best to be prepared – you can share it with your dog owning friends too!

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