Packing for a weekend break in the country

What to pack for a weekend break in the country – Dara Ford designer

In my experience packing for a short break is just as hard as packing for a whole week or more. So what should you take to ensure that you have outfits for all occasions without stuffing half your wardrobe into your weekend bag? Read on for some suggestions…


Dara Ford is a leading bespoke designer. Creating beautiful bespoke tailoring
Dara Ford is a leading bespoke designer – what to pack for a weekend break.


Look up the weather report

Sounds obvious, I know, but often we do forget the simplest steps to help ourselves out. Find a trusted weather app or pop over to  BBC Weather and have a look at the forecast. Will you need waterproofs, thermals or sunscreen? Living on the British Isles probably means all three in the space of a day or so, but still…you might be able to eliminate at least one option.

Consider what activities you are going to do

Will you be going for long country rambles along the beautiful Suffolk coast? Or do you prefer to trawl (no pun intended) the local shops with a stop at a good pub in between? What you need will depend on your preferences. It’s a good idea to have things that are easy to combine if your plans change.

Layering giving a casual and comfortable effect
Layering giving a casual and comfortable effect


When in doubt – leave it out

Try to plan ahead and don’t pack in a hurry as this will inevitably lead to last minute panic. If you are not sure that you’ll need something chances are you won’t so leave it out. Less is more when it comes to weekend trips and if you really are desperate for something you forgot you’ll have a great excuse to check out the local shops.  

Bearing in mind the above here then is my list of things you need for a brilliant stay in Orford:


  • Walking shoes. Comfortable, sturdy and waterproof. These could either be hiking boots if you have them or a pair of (lace-up) ankle boots that give you support.
  • Flat shoes. Smart looking loafers (or ballerinas for the ladies) in summer or brogues for the winter.
  • Heels or smart lace ups. A pair of smart shoes will lift any outfit no matter how casual and are a great way to upgrade your look.


  • Outdoor clothes. Layer up! Start with a breathable vest top that will wick moisture away from the body. This is very important when you are outdoors as you can quickly go from sweating to freezing. The last thing you need are wet clothes next to your skin. Add a long-sleeve t-shirt, thin jumper (or fleece for winter) and jeans or hiking pants depending on how ambitious your plans are. Wearing a double pair of socks will help prevent blisters. Take a hooded jacket that can keep out the wind and rain. Opting for one with vents that can be zipped up will help you control your body temperature too.
  • Lounge wear. Comfortable clothes for cozy evenings at the cottage. Think jersey, soft wool and if you are feeling indulgent cashmere socks.
  • A versatile combination of separates. Smart jeans or trousers, nice top or blouse / shirt, and a tailored jacket will see you through most of the weekend. Add a piece of nice jewellery or a smart watch to dress up your look and you’re good to go. If you have plans for a fancy dinner you can add in a little black dress or a suit.
knitwear by Collen and Clare
Knitwear by Collen and Clare


  • Hat (either with a brim if in the summer or covering your ears for the winter)
  • Gloves for the winter
  • a small rucksack to hold a picnic lunch, water bottle and raincover
  • Scarf – light for summer and heavier for winter
collen and clare orange scarf with black dots - summer weight
Collen and Clare Summer Scarf


  • Sun cream
  • Lip balm (the fresh air can dry your lips out in no time)
  • moisturiser

If the above sounds like a lot remember that you can be wearing one of the outfits while you travel.

A few carefully chosen items will take away the panic, leaving you to enjoy your weekend away.

Dara Ford Bespoke Tailoring for Women
Dara Ford Bespoke Tailoring for Women


Happy holidays – Dara x

Dara Ford – Modern Bespoke Tailoring for Women


Outfit images kindly supplied by Collen and Clare - Aldeburgh – where you can also buy from the stores in Aldburgh and Southwold or catch them online.


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