What we do to make sure our holiday guests have a good nights sleep …

We all know getting a good night’s sleep is important for us to function as pleasant human beings.

On holiday to catch up on your sleep?

It  could also be said that taking a holiday is a perfect time to catch up on your sleep…Sadly this is not always the case and it’s usually due to the poor quality of; the bed, the mattress or the  bedding – or a combination of all three.

what we do to help our guests get a good nights sleep on holiday

Getting a good nights sleep on holiday

What the National Sleep Foundation says:

The National Sleep Foundation https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-tools-tips/healthy-sleep-tips suggests a number of ways to ensure a good night’s sleep, from a relaxing bedtime ritual  through to a comfy mattress and pillows.

Getting a good nights sleep…

When we created Keep Cottage and our new addition The Wood Store, we knew from bitter experience that the bed and bedding needed to be a key feature of our holiday home experience. We set out to create a luxurious sleeping experience to ensure our guests would have a truly relaxing and energising break with the result that they would want to come back time and time again and, in addition, recommend us to friends and family.

As a result, and after masses of research,  we specified  king size beds  with  oak frames.  These beds have  robust slats with a natural flexibility that provide  both comfort and super stylish looks.

Starting with the mattress…

Once we began to investigate the multitude of mattress options we realised  that to get a brilliant mattress we needed to invest wisely. After  many hours; testing mattresses, talking to retailers and speaking to friends and family we opted to buy our mattresses from John Lewis their hotel quality mattresses (these mattresses cost three times the price of the frame but it has since proved to be a wise investment).

At this point we were  confident we had a good base to work on, and then we added cotton luxury protectors on the mattresses from “Soak and Sleep”. To these we added  feather and goose duvets –  the all season version (4.5 tog and 9 tog) which can be used individually in the warmer spring and summer months or joined together for autumn and winter time. As a result our guests are  “as snug as a bug in a rug!” . Most recently  we have invested in duvet protectors to protect the valuable duvets and to prevent any feathers popping out of the duvets.

Pillows who would have thought…

It would be foolish to say that pillows are just pillows… oh no its worse than ordering a coffee in New York! Selecting pillows was a BIG decision and everyone we spoke to had a big opinion on the topic. In the end we opted for a blended solution of a firmer base pillow with a medium top pillow, all pillows are feather and have 100% cotton protectors.

Luxury linen…

Finally, moving onto our choice of sheets, this was simple they had to be top  quality, be happy to go through an industrial wash process  and still look fantastic at the other end once pressed and on the beds. To solve this we turned to The White Company for our linen, this has proven to be an excellent choice they are luxurious, look great and cope brilliantly.

All of this hard work has paid off, we have had many guests singing the praises to the quality of our beds..

So it’s goodnight from me and it’s goodnight from him…sweet dreams to you all… Sara and Niall

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